Table 5

Univariable multilevel models containing school-level variables

Beta coefficient (SE)OR
Religious affiliation
 Catholic0.14 (0.19)
 Below average0.13 (0.23)
 Average or above0
Her Majesty’s Inspectorate for education/Education Scotland score (continuous)−0.04 (0.12)
Follow-up inspection required (continous)†−0.16 (0.18)
% FSM entitlement (continous)‡ 0.021 (0.006)** 1.02
Exclusions per 1000 pupils (continous)§ 0.005 (0.002)** 1.01
  • p Values: *<0.05; **<0.01.

  • †Where a school did not reach a satisfactory level during a school inspection, they may be required to have a follow-up inspection a short time later. These data, therefore, give an indication of an overall poor inspection report.

  • ‡The proportion of children in a school who, due to their household income, are entitled to receive a free school meal (FSM).

  • §The number of pupils per 1000 in a school who have been excluded from school in the previous year.