Table 4

Percentage change in the number of beverages sold per customer at 6 months following implementation by tertiles of baseline restaurant SSB sales per customer

Beverage categoryRestaurants with low SSB sales per customer*Restaurants with medium SSB sales per customer*Restaurants with high SSB sales per customer*
On-menuChange (%) 95% CIp ValueChange (%) 95% CIp ValueChange (%) 95% CIp Value
Levied SSBs3.05(−12.54 to 21.41)p=0.720−16.47(−20.55 to 12.19)p<0.001−12.80(−19.27 to 5.82)p=0.001
Fruit juice
(main menu)
34.99(18.77 to 53.42)p<0.00112.52(4.92 to 20.68)p<0.00119.96(5.65 to 36.21)p=0.005
Fruit juice
(children’s menu)
−7.13(−19.35 to 6.93)p=0.007−7.96(−22.28 to 8.98)p=0.338−14.36(−22.04 to 6.01)p=0.001
Diet cola−1.00(−10.42 to 9.53)p=0.853−14.19(−20.07 to 7.78)p<0.001−5.45(−10.68 to 0)p=0.049
Bottled water−6.20(−16.47 to 5.44)p=0.282−8.24(−13.50 to 2.76)p=0.004−4.78(−12.45 to 3.46)p=0.249
Levied SSBs4.19(−9.79 to 20.44)p=0.574−11.40(−17.30 to 4.97)p=0.001−4.21(−13.50 to 6.08)p=0.411
Mixers2.53(−8.42 to 14.80)p=0.6641.41(−6.48 to 9.86)p=0.7393.36(−6.67 to 14.57)p=0.525
  • Analyses at 6 months based on n=820 restaurant periods.

  • *Robust clustered standard errors adjusted for seasonality and clustering. Percentages are the exponentiated coefficients of change in log-transformed numbers of beverages sold per customer and are calculated from: Embedded Image  (see online supplementary appendix 3 for more details).

  • SSBs, sugar-sweetened beverages.