Table 2

Descriptive statistics for the sample (weighted percentages)

Age (mean, SD)42.199.74
Economic security (financial strain)
 Remained secure326446.6
 Increased insecurity71511.1
 Decreased insecurity64410.2
 Remained insecure189732.0
Economic security (missed bills)
 Remained secure509375.1
 Increased insecurity4447.0
 Decreased insecurity5078.7
 Remained insecure4769.2
Highest educational qualification
Marital status
Employment status
 Not employed129221.6
Social class (NS-SEC)
 Management, administrative and professional239134.3
 Small employers and own account workers4797.0
 Lower supervisory and technical4076.3
 Semi-routine and routine110618.4
Household income quintile
Long-standing illness or impairment
Self-reported health
GHQ (caseness)
Current smoking
Body Mass Index
 Below 25202331.9
 25 and below 30250938.1
 Above 30198830.0