Table 3

Predictors of death among homeless men in Helsinki (n=617) and the control group (n=1240), multivariable Cox proportional hazards model

Homeless (n=617)Control (n=1240)
DeathsHR95% CIDeathsHR95% CI
Age (years, continuous)1.031.02 to to 1.08
Not in employment2751.110.62 to 1.99982.361.54 to 3.62
Only basic education1851.080.85 to 1.38721.841.30 to 2.61
Not married nor in registered partnership2741.070.61 to 1.88861.851.30 to 2.63
Healthcare use 6 months prior to baseline*
 Outpatient visits570.90.65 to 1.23321.380.86 to 2.23
 Emergency room visits1161.210.91 to 1.62161.100.55 to 2.20
 Psychiatric hospitalisations450.920.65 to 1.2952.901.11 to 7.56
 Hospitalisations for trauma180.990.60 to 1.6420.850.18 to 4.10
 Somatic hospitalisation651.481.07 to 2.04162.861.44 to 5.68
  • *Risk when having the listed contacts versus not having any such contacts.