Table 2

Latent growth curve models for total walking

With slope estimates for 2010, 2011 and 2012 fixedWith slope estimate for 2011 allowed to vary
Parameters of the growth curveCoefficientSECoefficientSE
Intercept mean4.07***0.124.08***0.12
Intercept variance15.14***0.9916.5015.33
Slope mean−0.020.06−0.020.06
Slope variance1.61***0.411.682.47
Intercept–slope correlation−0.252−0.192
Model fit statistics
  • For further information on the model fit statistics, see online supplementary additional file 1.

  • ***p<0.001, **p<0.01, *p<0.05, NS p>0.05.

  • †Should be <0.08.

  • ‡Should be close to 1.

  • AIC, Akaike Information Criterion; CFI, comparative fit index; RMSEA, root mean square error of approximation; NS, not significant; SRMR, standardised root mean square residual; TLI, Tucker-Lewis index.