Table 1

Distribution of health behaviours in midlife, men and women, 1958 British Birth Cohort

 Men (N=4970)Women (N=5256)
NPer centNPer cent
AUDIT Score*
 8 or more159434.265313.9
Frequency of HED*
 Monthly or less126928.9134731.5
 Never smoked202044.9213646.6
 Ex-smoker or occasional smoker140031.1132128.8
 Current smoker107623.9112624.6
Years regular smoking 23–42, mean (SD)43875.9 (0.12)46475.7 (0.12)
 25 or more344575.2259856.2
Waist/hip ratio*
Hours moderate/vigorous physical activity per week,* mean (SD)287315.4 (16.5)29539.4 (11.4)
Hours sedentary behaviour per week,* mean (SD)363244.2 (20.4)369317.7
Index of poor health behaviours (0–6), mean (SD)27012.4 (1.1)26521.7 (1.1)
  • *Measured at age 44–46.

  • †Measured at age 42.

  • AUDIT, Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test; HED, heavy episodic drinking.