Table 1

Description of urban regeneration programmes and budget distribution

ProgrammeMain policy frameworkTime spanBudgetPolicy areas
Total (millions euros)Average by project (millions euros)Average by inhabitant and year (euros)Diversity index (0–1)*
ARBHabitability and social integration2000–2014216180.194520.66
ZNTSPoverty and socio-sanitary exclusion2001–present26.60.92590.16
URBANUrban renewal, environment, and economic competitiveness2007–201416010.617130.44
  • Source: RUCOSA project based on information provided by governmental agencies and 2001 Spanish Population and Housing Census.

  • *This diversity index measures the number of areas included in each project, where 1 means that actions in the 14 policy areas are planned. The table shows the average value by programmes. A single action was oriented towards different policy areas, which made it impossible to offer the distribution of the budget by policy areas. More details in Navarro, C.J. (ed.) (2016) Improving the city by transforming their neighbourhoods, Seville, Centre for Local Political Sociology and Policies, Pablo de Olavide University (forthcoming).