Table 1

Descriptive statistics of variables used in analysis

Full sampleSibling sample
Log earnings
Mental health variables
 Total problems
 Internalising problems (SCL-5)
 Attention problems index
 Conduct problems index
Birth year
Sibship size
First born39.3%34.5%
Parental divorce or separation20.2%15.2%
Immigrant background0.8%0.8%
Parental education
 Less than upper secondary41.0%36.2%
 Vocational upper secondary18.1%17.3%
 Academic upper secondary8.2%8.7%
 University, short25.0%27.6%
 University, long7.7%10.2%
Number of individuals78852637
  • SDs are not shown for discrete variables, as the full distribution of responses is shown. Sibling sample includes respondents in families where at least two full siblings participated in the survey.

  • SCL-5, Hopkins Symptoms Checklist-5.