Table 1

Summary of adults with ID in each practice by practice-level participation in health checks

All practices (N=289)Non-participating practices (N=68)Partial participating practices (N=95)Fully participating practices (N=126)
Adults with ID summarised at practice level*
 Total registered during 2009–2012†43.025.0––––79.0
 Number registered on 1 January 2009 only34.019.0–52.026.512.5–39.534.023.0––61.0
 Per cent with health check by end of 201043.11.6–––41.769.560.0–80.0
 Per cent with health check by end of 201266.728.6––11.858.641.0–68.881.874.2–87.9
 Mean age41.638.7–44.841.938.9–45.840.537.5–43.842.639.4–45.0
 Per cent of male57.650.0–64.355.650.0–64.558.350.0–63.257.550.0–65.0
 Per cent of high levels of support needs18.810.5––21.617.410.2–27.822.214.0–30.0
 Per cent of communal establishment residence9.70.0–––21.415.82.3–34.2
  • Fully participating practices had ≥50% of their adults with ID with a health check by end of 2010. Non-participating practices had <25% of their adults with ID with a health check by end of 2012. 95 (partial participating) practices did not meet either criterion. In all 72 of the 289 practices had zero participation by 2010, compared to 35 by 2012.

  • *Medians are calculated among all adults with ID registered on 1 January 2009, except for the ‘number registered during 2009–2012’. First, a mean is calculated at practice level, and then a median of the practice means is calculated.

  • †Patients who spent at least 1 day registered during 2009–2012.

  • ID, intellectual disabillity.