TableĀ 3

The intervention effect (IRR and 95% CI)

Outcome measureIntervention effect
GP relevant contacts1.040.98 to 1.11
GP respiratory contacts1.040.96 to 1.13
GP CHD contacts1.020.95 to 1.11
GP MH contacts0.980.84 to 1.16
Prescribed medications1.030.98 to 1.09
All admissions0.820.58 to 1.14
Relevant emergency admissions2.041.06 to 3.93
Respiratory emergency admissions3.971.59 to 9.93
CHD emergency admissions0.970.39 to 2.42
Outpatient attendances1.010.83 to 1.25
Emergency attendances1.891.34 to 2.68
  • Statistically significant IRRs are in bold.CHD, coronary heart disease; GP, general practitioner; IRR, incidence rate ratio; MH, mental health.