Table 2

Change in the number and proportion of serious and fatal RTA casualties by road user and study area from 1997–1999 to 2012–2014

PedestrianDriver or riderPassenger
Study area1997–19992012–2014% Change1997–19992012–2014% Change1997–19992012–2014% Change
Glasgow and surrounding local authorities1703571−66.51504585−61.1863208−75.9
Intervention area (South, M74 extension)210101−51.912161−49.67917−78.5
Comparator area (East, M8 motorway)11139−64.95428−48.13211−65.6
Control area (North)12238−68.95919−67.8335−84.8
ANOVA p=0.013 F=3.60*ANOVA p=0.157 F=1.74ANOVA p=0.535 F=0.73
  • *Differences between each study area were tested (six comparisons) and remained significant only for differences between Glasgow and surrounding local authorities and intervention area (South, M74 extension) (T=3.25, p=0.007, 95% CI 0.016 to 0.158).

  • ANOVA, analysis of variance.