Table 3

Odds of a mood or anxiety disorder (score of <65 on Short Form Health Survey (SF-36) Mental Health Index (MHI-5)) adjusting for: Father's Register Generals Social Class score, Sex, Family Difficulties—Mental Illness (1965), Parental hopes child's school leaving (1969), How often plays outdoor games and sport (1974), How often plays indoor games and sport (1974)

 Model 4
OR95% CI
 Previous0.82***(0.74 to 0.92)
Voluntary group
 Previous1.27**(1.06 to 1.52)
 Current1.00(0.78 to 1.27)
Church group
 Previous1.03(0.86 to 1.23)
 Current0.99(0.83 to 1.18)
  • Exponentiated coefficients; 95% CIs in parentheses, *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.