Table 1

Descriptive statistics for sample (n=9603)

Scout/Guide participation (2008)
% (Col.)% (Col.)% (Col.)Test for difference in proportion p value
Scout/guide participation
Voluntary group participation
Church participation
RGSC: Social class of Mother's Husband (GRO 1951)
 Social class I4.
 Social class II12.917.414.1<0.01
 Social class III non-manual9.811.910.40.01
 Social class III manual50.449.750.20.57
 Social class IV12.99.011.8<0.01
 Social class V9.46.08.4<0.01
Family difficulties—mental illness (1965)
 Do not know8.
Parental hopes child's school leaving (1969)
 Leave min age5.32.84.6<0.01
 Stay on longer74.784.077.2<0.01
 Do not know yet20.013.318.1<0.01
Pupil goes to clubs outside school (1969)
 Most days19.643.826.3<0.01
 Hardly ever58.728.250.2<0.01
Government Office Region at age 16
 North West11.612.511.80.24
 East and West Riding of Yorkshire9.05.98.2<0.01
 North Midlands7.
 South East17.118.717.50.08
 South West6.
How often plays outdoor games and sport (1974)
 Hardly ever24.521.223.6<0.01
 No chance3.
How often plays indoor games and sport (1974)
 Hardly ever32.929.231.9<0.01
 No chance10.011.810.50.02