Table 1

Variables associated with an older person's move into sheltered accommodation (bivariate analysis)

Variablesχ2 statistics (degrees of freedom)
Age group104.485*** (4)
Sex6.260* (1)
Marital status61.466*** (3)
Household type85.947*** (1)
Region26.048*** (3)
Visits to GP in past 12 months15.708** (5)
GHQ score22.409*** (4)
Change in GHQ score between t0 and t114.978** (2)
Use of health visitor26.235*** (1)
Change in use of health visitor between t0 and t121.817*** (2)
Use of home help42.803*** (1)
Use of social worker9.715** (1)
Use of meals on wheels25.697*** (1)
Education16.326*** (2)
Washing machine443.709*** (1)
Housing tenure263.200*** (3)
Access to car87.901*** (2)
Household income quintile16.842** (5)
Receipt of attendance allowance26.488*** (1)
Receipt of income support46.219*** (1)
Wave30.182* (15)
  • Source: BHPS, waves 2–18.

  • Note: categories of missing responses were included in the analysis but are not shown above. All variables measured at t0 unless otherwise stated.

  • ***p<0.001; **p<0.01; *p<0.05.

  • BHPS, British Household Panel Survey; GHQ, General Health Questionnaire; GP, general practitioner.