Table 3

Unadjusted and adjusted relative risk of orphanhood (interacted with father/mother in household) on stunting status, stratified by head of household

PooledSurviving parent is head of householdGrandparent is head of household‘Other’ is head of household
Orphan status
Both parents alive (reference)Only mother dead X father not in household1.4311.4281.423
(1.278 to 1.602)(1.239 to 1.647)(1.185 to 1.709)
Only mother dead X father in household1.1061.0641.1191.653
(0.911 to 1.342)(0.851 to 1.329)(0.737 to 1.699)(0.730 to 3.743)
Only father dead X mother not in household0.9460.8451.198
(0.753 to 1.187)(0.636 to 1.121)(0.824 to 1.743)
Only father dead X mother in household0.9820.9830.9890.970
(0.930 to 1.038)(0.912 to 1.060)(0.893 to 1.096)(0.852 to 1.105)
Both parents dead1.2271.5810.797
(0.913 to 1.649)(1.129 to 2.213)(0.457 to 1.391)
CovariatesAge of the child in months, wealth quintile, highest level of education in the household, urban/rural living, child gender
Observations222 690159 85648 38614 448
Survey fixed effectsYesYesYesYes