Table 2

Association between childhood social characteristics and all-cause mortality: age-varying HRs and 95% CIs

N=11 868 participants (8016 deaths)
MinimalAdjusted 1Adjusted 2
Number of deaths95% CI95% CI95% CI
Mother’s marital status
 Married (ref)66731.01.01.0
(1.12 to 1.26)(1.13 to 1.29)(1.09 to 1.26)
Family's socioeconomic position
 High (ref)20601.01.01.0
(1.07 to 1.22)(1.06 to 1.21)(1.06 to 1.21)
(1.12 to 1.25)(1.11 to 1.24)(1.06 to 1.20)
Participant's sex×family's socioeconomic position p=0.72
Participant's sex×mother's marital status p=0.10
Family's socioeconomic position×mother's marital status p=0.43
  • Uppsala Birth Cohort Multigenerational Study, participants born 1915–1929, and followed to end 2009 (N=11 868). Minimal (participant's sex and birth year), adjusted 1 (minimal+birth weight, gestational age, parity and maternal age), adjusted 2 (partial+mutually adjusted for familial socioeconomic position and marital status).

  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.