Table 3

Two-level random intercept linear regression model: standardised β coefficients and CIs for psychosomatic symptoms in relation to living arrangements (N=147839)

Nuclear familiesMostly with one parentOnly with one parent
 Model 1−0.18−0.20 to − to to 0.22
 Model 2−0.11−0.14 to − to to 0.13
 Model 3−0.09−0.11 to − to to 0.10
 Model 4−0.07−0.09 to − to to 0.08
 Model 1−0.11−0.13 to − to to 0.16
 Model 2−0.08−0.10 to − to to 0.09
 Model 3−0.06−0.08 to − to to 0.09
 Model 4−0.05−0.06 to −0.030.03−0.00 to to 0.06
  • Joint physical custody (equally much with both parents) serves as the reference category.

  • Model 1 is adjusted for age and country of origin, model 2 is adjusted as model 1 and for the child's perception of own material resources. Model 3 is adjusted as model 1 and for the child's satisfaction with parents–child relations. Model 4 is adjusted for all the previous variables. Clustering by school is accounted for by using a two-level random intercept model.