Table 1

Characteristics of adolescents

Demographic background
Age, years
 Other/ I don't know11113.8
Living arrangement
 Live with adult relatives33341.4
 Live with friends41952.0
 Ever institutionalised in care facility45957.0
Educational level
 Never attended school303.9
 Up to full elementary15419.4
 Up to basic secondary58573.8
 Full secondary243.0
Orphan status
 Double orphan*26933.4
 Single orphan35243.7
 Not an orphan18422.9
Ever experienced police harassment60875.5
Ever been incarcerated in prison/juvenile detention40350.1
HIV risk and sexual health
Injecting drugs (ever use)12515.5
 IDU injecting in the past month6553.3
 IDU past month sharing needles/syringes1544.1
Ever had vaginal sex58573.5
Sex with a casual partner in past year43854.4
 Condom use at last casual sex16146.7
Sex with a commercial partner in past year16120.0
 Condom use at last commercial sex8563.9
Ever had anal sex between men (among boys)549.8
 Condom use at last MSM sex936.0
Ever pregnant (among girls)4418.3
Ever had an abortion (among girls)3012.5
Use of services
IDU obtaining needles from pharmacy6955.2
IDU obtaining needles from needle exchange or outreach1411.2
Ever had an HIV test17922.3
Had HIV test in past year and know results9912.3
Ever received condoms from an outreach worker405.0
  • * Numbers may not add up to 100% when multiple responses or ‘no answer’ were options.

  • IDU, injecting drug users; MSM, men who have sex with men.