Case study step 4: Delivering change mechanisms for early prevention of GBV
1. Identify suitable villages or urban wards
2. Explain programme and offer it to community leadership: awareness raising critical
3. Recruit existing groups or ‘opinion leaders’ and form parent groups
 ▸ initially single sex
 ▸ groups select facilitator
4. Deliver 2 weeks training to facilitators
5. Facilitators lead 10 weekly single sex sessions of about 2 h
6. Following five sessions facilitators recruit novice facilitator to mentor
7. After 10 sessions groups split in half and pair up with group of opposite sex
8. Facilitators lead 11 mixed sex sessions
 ▸ groups explore different understandings of parenting and GBV
9. Groups present recommendations for village/ward level to village/ward leaders
10. Trained facilitators start new groups and recruit others to be trained as facilitators