Table 3

Baseline characteristics of female participants in the NutriNet-Santé e-cohort (2009–2014, n=95 896) in comparison with 2009 national estimates for individuals aged ≥18 years in metropolitan France

NutriNet-Santé: raw data, n (%)Census estimates, %*p Value†
Age categories (years)<0.0001
 18–2413 051(13.6)10.6
 25–3933 487(34.9)24.0
 40–5428 117(29.3)25.7
 55–6416 752(17.5)15.5
 Age, years, mean (SD)41.3(14.2)
 France (including Corsica and overseas territories)91 197(95.1)86.8
 Europe (excluding France)2001(2.1)4.7
 Asia and Oceania293(0.3)1.7
Marital status<0.0001
 Single (never married, living alone)18 901(19.7)19.4
 Widowed, divorced, separated10 341(10.8)21.6
 Married or cohabiting66 654(69.5)59.0
Educational level<0.0001
 Up to secondary36 851(38.4)74.5
 Some college30 392(31.7)13.3
 University degree28 653(29.9)12.3
Employment status<0.0001
 Unemployed, disabled, homemaker13 571(14.2)12.6
 Farmer, manual labour1192(1.2)5.8
 Artisan, self-employed1547(1.6)1.9
 Office worker, skilled labour37 823(39.4)39.8
 Executive, professional staff19 286(20.1)6.7
 Retired13 159(13.7)28.6
Geographical area of residence‡<0.0001
 Paris metropolitan area20 236(21.1)18.5
 Paris basin14 292(14.9)17.0
 East-center12 880(13.4)12.0
 West13 627(14.2)13.6
 Southwest10 646(11.1)11.2
 South–Mediterranean11 900(12.4)12.9
  • *Census data from INSEE (Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques).

  • †Results of χ2 goodness-of-fit tests using unweighted (raw) cohort data against Census estimates.

  • ‡Geographical division based on the ZEAT (Zone d’études et d’aménagement du territoire) developed by INSEE.