Table 2

Associations between education, occupation and covariates with the quit ratio

OR95% CIOR95% CI
Education (middle)*1.161.10 to to 1.21
Education (high)*1.441.35 to 1.541.771.64 to 1.91
Age1.041.04 to to 1.05
Sex (female)0.940.90 to 0.990.900.85 to 0.94
Time1.371.16 to 1.621.180.89 to 1.56
Occupation (non-manual)†1.381.29 to 1.481.541.42 to 1.67
Occupation (other)†1.141.06 to to 1.31
Age1.041.04 to to 1.05
Sex (female)0.920.87 to 0.970.870.83 to 0.92
Time1.401.19 to 1.651.210.92 to1.59
  • Significant results (p<0.05) are highlighted in bold.

  • *Education=age in years when finished/stopped full-time education: low (reference)≤15 years, middle–high=16–19 years, high≥20 years.

  • †Occupation=occupational class: low (reference)=manual workers, high=non-manual workers, self=self-employed workers, other=other workers, students and those not gainfully employed.