Table 1

Socioeconomic characteristics of the mothers and fathers born in 1982 who had children in 2004

nPer centnPer cent
Maternal schooling in 1982 (years)*
Own schooling in 2004–2005 (years)†
Income in 1982 (tertiles)
 First (poorest)7044.95045.5
 Third (richest)2314.72320.9
Income in 2004–2005 (tertiles)‡
 First (poorest)9160.26461
 Third (richest)2214.61615.2
Socioeconomic trajectory‡
 Always poor5033.13836.2
 Never poor4328.53230.5
 Total with full information151100105100
  • *Schooling of the grandmother of the child born in 2004.

  • †Schooling of the mothers/fathers born in 1982 who had children in 2004.Variable with five missing values.

  • ‡Variable with five missing values for women and five for men.