Table 1

Intervention strategies by accreditation level

Accreditation levelIntervention strategy*
Level 1▸ Legislative liquor licencing requirements satisfied in regards to signage, staff training, alcohol-service hours and areas, licensee presence and water provision
▸ Intoxicated people are not permitted to enter, are not served alcohol and are not permitted to remain in the club
▸ Alcohol sold at the club is only consumed at the club
▸ Alcoholic drinks are only served in standard drink measures
▸ Club maintains a register of alcohol-related incidents
Level 2▸ Level 1, plus:
▸ Bar servers do not consume alcohol
▸ Substantial food is provided when alcohol is served
▸ Non-alcoholic drinks and low-alcoholic drinks are available and are cheaper than full-strength alcoholic drinks
▸ Club does not serve ‘shots’ or double-nips of alcohol or sell ready-to-drink products over 5% alcohol/volume
▸ Club does not conduct drinking games/promotions that encourage risky alcohol consumption or provide cheap drinks
Level 3▸ Levels 1 and 2, plus:
▸ Club has some sponsorship that is not from the alcohol industry
▸ Club has developed a written alcohol management policy and distributed it to members
  • *Further detail regarding the intervention is available in the study protocol.26