Table 1

Clinical and physical activity characteristics in rural and urban men and women (N=544)

 Women (n=345)Men (n=199)
Rural (156)Urban (189)p ValueRural (89)Urban (110)p Value
Age (years)39.8±8.038.4±±8.637.2±9.10.5
Education (years)*8.1±4.111.9±5.4<0.0018.6±4.412.8±4.9<0.001
BMI (kg/m2)*24.8±4.728.7±5.3<0.00123.2±3.325.3±3.9<0.001
WC (cm)*84.5±10.393.4±12.2<0.00182.5±8.289.7±10.7<0.001
Body fat (%)*30.0±8.336.9±7.6<0.00116.1±5.420.2±6.6<0.001
Obesity (BMI)*23 (15%)86 (46%)<0.0013 (3%)11 (10%)0.07
Central obesity (WC)*102 (65%)159 (84%)<0.0018 (9%)30 (27%)0.001
Smoking1 (1%)1 (1%)0.918 (20%)28 (25%)0.4
Alcohol drinking121 (78%)140 (74%)0.573 (82%)95 (86%)0.4
PAEE (kJ/kg/day)*54.3±21.237.9±16.9<0.00164.6±25.051.5±22.9<0.001
Sedentary time (min/day)*943±1471057±144<0.001889±148973±156<0.001
LPA (min/day)*404±105336±116<0.001421±100377±1170.007
MVPA (min/day)*93±7147±46<0.001131±9889±750.001
MVPA, 10 min bouts (min/day)*49±5021±30<0.00170±7041±480.001
VO2max (mL/kg/min)*30.4±6.026.4±4.6<0.00137.8±8.337.3±7.70.6
  • Data are mean±SD or n (%). p Values test for difference in means using the t test or difference in proportion using the χ2 test.

  • *p<0.05 for combined rural versus urban difference.

  • BMI, body mass index; LPA, light intensity physical activity; MVPA, moderate-to-vigorous physical activity; PAEE, physical activity energy expenditure; PAL, physical activity level; WC, waist circumference.