Table 5

Fully adjusted* associations of current unemployment with inflammatory markers, all age groups, stratified by country/region

Coefficient/ORCIp ValueN (unemployed)N (Total)
 Log CRP0.430.24 to 0.62<0.0011024038
 Log fibrinogen0.070.03 to 0.12<0.001953522
 CRP, dichotomised1.981.24 to 3.170.011024038
 Log CRP0.07−0.03 to 0.160.1839918 997
 Log fibrinogen0.01−0.01 to 0.030.3736517 202
CRP, dichotomised1.291.00 to 1.660.04639918 997
ENGLAND—Southwest only
Log CRP−0.33−0.60 to −0.060.02281959
Log fibrinogen−0.07−0.13 to −0.020.007271763
 CRP, dichotomised0.530.19 to 1.470.22281959
  • The bold text signifies associations in the stratified analyses which are significant at p<0.05.

  • *Adjusted for age in years, gender, country, survey year, occupational social class, housing tenure, presence of a long-term illness, smoking, alcohol consumption, categorised BMI and dichotomised GHQ-12.

  • BMI, body mass index; CRP, C reactive protein; GHQ-12, General Health Questionnaire.