Table 2

Distribution of risk factors in IQ categories among men in the study sample

N exposedLow (1–3)
Medium (4–6)
High (7–9)
p Value
Early life factors
 Parent's CVD death, age <6539418.918.217.50.83
 Low socioeconomic position in childhood132173.261.947.2<0.001
Factors in adolescence
 Smoking 1–10 cigarette/day71835.333.727.50.01
 Smoking >10 cigarette/day86343.240.633.40.003
 Risk use of alcohol38025.216.011.5<0.001
 Systolic blood pressure129.0127.8126.1<0.001
Factors in adulthood*
  Single household50.539.537.0<0.001
Other diagnoses
  • *Occupation and income in 1990, at age about 40. Single household at the year or preceding year of first CHD event.

  • †In 1000 Swedish kronor/year.

  • ‡Diabetes with complications, pulmonary oedema, acute or chronic renal failure, cerebrovascular disease, malignancy and depression.

  • §Cardiogenic shock, cardiac dysrhythmias and congestive heart failure.

  • BMI, body mass index; CHD, coronary heart disease; CVD, cardiovascular diseases.