Table 3

Differentiated impact of NDC interventions by socioeconomic group

 Mental health†Life satisfaction‡
Model 3Model 4Model 5Model 3Model 4Model 5
Factors affecting changes in the outcome over time: slope regression coefficients
 NVQ 1 or below−−0.030.05−0.070.06−0.060.06−0.070.06
 NVQ 2–3−0.060.05−0.060.05−0.10§0.06−0.11§0.06−0.11§0.06
 Jobless household0.06§
 Rents * Comparator0.09*0.04−0.060.04
 NVQ 1 or below * Comparator.−0.070.04−0.09*0.05
 Jobless household* Comparator−0.040.04−0.040.04
  • †Predicted scores from a Latent trait model of five items mental health SF-36 questionnaire.

  • ‡Five category single item life satisfaction Likert scale.

  • §Significant at p 0.1; *at p .005; **at p 0.01; ***at p 0.001.

  • Coef, standardised slope regression coefficients; NDC, New Deal for Communities; NVQ, National Vocational Qualification.