Table 4

Multivariate conditional logistic regression analysis of hypothesised genocide risk factors for suicide

CharacteristicAdjusted ORs95% CIp Value
Being a genocide survivor
 Yes0.40.1 to 1.20.106
Physically or sexually abused during genocide
 Yes0.20.1 to 1.40.115
Lost first-degree relative to genocide
 Yes0.40.1 to 1.20.101
Having been convicted of genocide
 Yes17.33.4 to 88.10.001
Having a first-degree relative who has been convicted of genocide
 Yes1.40.4 to 4.40.59
  • Adjusted for marital status, parental living status, living alone, religion, education level, employment status, diagnosed with a heavy chronic illness in the past 6 months, alcohol drinking behaviour, feeling of loneliness in the past 3 months, history of mental illness, previous suicide attempt, family history of suicide, past criminal records other than suicide and drug use.