Table 1

Content and ordering of the smoke alarm home visit and differences between arms

ActivityFull EducationPracticeCurrent Norm
1. Consent form (in-home or at a church where the person made an installation appointment)XXX
2. Knowledge, attitudes, behaviour (KAB) survey (see online supplementary appendix B)XXX
3. Intake form: address, date, arm number, educator, if consentedXXX
4. Household demographic formXXX
5. Fire safety checklist (educator follows the script as the installer tests existing alarms and identifies where alarms should be added or replaced)XXX
6. Hands-on practice testing and changing the alarm battery and hushing the alarm; based on social-cognitive theoryXX
7. Education based on the health belief modelX
8. Hand comprehensive fire education brochureX
9. Hand smoke alarm brochureX
10. Hand fire department ‘baseball card’XX
Simultaneously with 6/7, a second staff member
a. Installed or put new batteries in smoke alarmsXXX
b. Installed battery-operated touch lights in stairwells if neededXXX
  • #, Number; KAB; knowledge, attitudes and behaviour.