Table 3

Differences (95% CI) in pre (t−1) and post (t+1) move General Health Questionnaire scores in right to buy (RTB) versus comparison groups (social non-mover (SNM), social mover (SM) and owner mover (OM)) in respondents with complete data

N (RTB/ comparison group)UnadjustedAdjusted for confounding variables*
RTB vs SNM537/2475−0.17 (−0.71 to 0.38)−0.26 (−0.78 to 0.26)
p Value0.550.33
RTB vs SM537/506−0.70 (−1.51 to 0.12)−0.52 (−1.30 to 0.26)
p Value0.090.19
RTB vs OM537/253−1.01 (−2.02 to 0.01)−0.84 (−1.89 to 0.21)
p Value0.050.16
  • *Age, marital status, employment status, financial status, highest educational qualification.