Table 3

Comments promoting or rejecting the use of neuraminidase inhibitors or vaccine

Type of commentExample
Promoting the use of neuraminidase inhibitors“There is no doubt Tamiflu [oseltamivir] will help”.
“There is an issue of Tamiflu resistance. All things being equal, it would be nice to get as much Relenza [zanamivir] as we can get our hands on”.
Promoting the use of vaccine“I think by far the safer option is to wait for the development of a vaccine which will almost certainly be around by the autumn”.
“Vaccines are our real hope”.
Rejecting the use of neuraminidase inhibitors“At present it [Tamiflu] should not be routinely prescribed”.
“No one really knows if Tamiflu will significantly reduce transmission; the expectation is it will, but we don't know for sure”.