Table 2

Pearson's pairwise correlation among SEP variables in combined dataset of MS cases and controls*

Participant's education (0=doctorate; 7=none)Paternal education (0=doctorate; 7=none)Maternal education (0=doctorate; 7=none)Household education (0=doctorate; 7=none)Parental home ownership at age 10 (0=own;1=rented)Median household income of census block
Participant's education1
Paternal education0.301
Maternal education0.260.551
Household education0.330.870.761
Parental home ownership at age
Median household income of census block−0.12−0.08−0.02−0.05−0.101
  • *N=1466 subjects (907 MS cases, 559 controls) with informative responses for all variables.

  • MS, multiple sclerosis.