Table 3

Mean changes and associations between retirement and changes in physical activity and TV viewing among men from non-manual and manual social classes, EPIC–Norfolk cohort, UK, 1997–2007

PA (MET h/wk)Retired
Unadjusted net effect of retirementAdjusted net effect of retirement
Mean changeSDMean changeSDβ(95% CI)p Valueβ(95% CI)p Value
Non-manual social class
 Overall PA−49.253.6−7.952.3−41.2(−49.3 to −33.1)<0.001−40.9(−49.5 to −32.5)<0.001
 Recreational PA13.441.67.333.46.1(0.7 to 11.5)0.0287.2(1.3 to 13.1)0.017
 Household PA10.617.94.615.35.9(3.5 to 8.4)<0.0014.3(1.6 to 6.9)0.002
 Transport PA−7.315.5−6.413.9−0.9(−3.2 to 1.2)0.39−2.7(−3.7 to −1.7)<0.001
 Occupational PA−64.936.8−12.940.6−52.0(−58.1 to −45.9)<0.001−51.3(−57.1 to −45.5)<0.001
 TV viewing time (h/wk) to 4.1)<0.0012.6(1.4 to 3.8)<0.001
Manual social class
 Overall PA−70.566.7−10.077.4−60.5(−73.9 to −47.2)<0.001−49.6(−63.2 to −35.9)<0.001
 Recreational PA20.942. to 25.5)<0.00117.8(9.8 to 25.7)<0.001
 Household PA14.423.53.715.910.7(7.5 to 13.9)<0.00111.8(8.0 to 15.6)<0.001
 Transport PA−9.118.6−4.612.4−4.4(−6.9 to −1.9)0.001−2.0(−3.2 to −0.8)0.001
 Occupational PA−96.454.2−10.768.5−85.7(−97.3 to −74.0)<0.001−78.2(−88.9 to −67.5)<0.001
 TV viewing time (h/wk) to 5.8)<0.0013.9(2.2 to 5.6)<0.001
  • Adjusted for age, BMI (Body Mass Index), change in marital status, PA or TV viewing time at baseline, incidence of chronic disease, alcohol consumption, smoking.

  • EPIC, European Prospective Investigation into Cancer; MET, metabolic equivalent of task; PA, physical activity; TV, television.