Table 3

Adjusted relative risks (RR) and 95% CI of any preterm delivery (PTD), early/moderate or late PTD and very low birth weight (VLBW) among Mexican immigrants versus women in Mexico (WIMX) and women in immigrant sending states in Mexico (aged 18 years or older) in 2009

 Immigrant vs WIMXImmigrant vs MX sending states
RR*95% CIRR*95% CI
Any PTD1.251.19 to 1.311.271.20 to 1.34
Early/moderate PTD1.431.30 to 1.571.441.29 to 1.60
Late PTD1.201.13 to to 1.30
VLBW1.431.26 to 1.611.361.18 to 1.58
  • *Adjusted for age, education, trimester prenatal care initiated, insurance type and mode of delivery.