Table 3

Multivariable logistic regression estimates for depressive symptomatology according to obesogenic risk in adolescents, mutually adjusted and further adjusted for age, parents’ level of education, and school

ORSEp ValueORSEp Value
Physical activity (inactive/low active compared to moderately active/highly active)0.790.150.120.830.160.16
Exceeding screen-time recommendations (>2 h)‡‡
Weight status (overweight/obese weight status compared to normal weight)1.830.510.02‡0.990.220.48
Fruit and vegetable (did not meet WHO reccomendations compared to meeting recommendations)0.980.090.411.070.060.11
Sweet drink consumption (each one glass increase per day)‡
Takeaway food consumption over a month period0.990.220.490.820.140.12
Parents’ level of education0.490.130.00‡0.750.130.05‡
R2 (p)0.15 (<0.00)0.06 (<0.00)
  • *n=360 for males.

  • †n=440 for females.

  • ‡Significant (one-tailed).