TableĀ 2

Number of variables in each of the 32 exposure, demographics or behaviour categories

Category (measurement type)MMeffMdiffp Value
Polychlorinated biphenyls (s)3823.7914.210.002
Dioxins (s)74.902.100.01
Acrylamide (s)21.440.560.03
Organochlorine pesticides (s)139.953.050.005
Polybrominated ethers (s)118.472.530.006
Furans (s)107.992.010.006
Perchlorate (u)21.660.340.03
Smoking behaviour (s/sr)1411.652.350.004
Phthalates (u)1310.852.150.005
Food component recall (sr)7463.9210.080.0008
Phytoestrogens (u)65.220.780.01
Hydrocarbons (u)2118.472.530.003
Nutrients (s)2926.322.680.002
Volatile compounds (s)3834.603.400.001
Physical fitness (sr*)32.780.220.02
Diakyl metabolites (u)65.590.410.009
Socioeconomics (SES) (sr)98.490.510.006
Demographics (sr)87.550.450.007
Polyflourochemicals (s)1211.390.610.004
Phenol pesticides (u)76.650.350.008
Heavy metals (s/u)2927.681.320.002
Bacterial infection (s/u)3332.190.810.002
Viral infection (s)1615.720.280.003
Phenols (u)32.970.030.02
Atrazine-like pesticides (u)65.980.020.008
Hormone (s)21.990.010.03
Pharmaceutical (sr)107106.780.220.0005
Organophosphate pesticides (u)
Carbamate pesticides (u)
Melamine (u)
Chloroacetanilide pesticides (u)
Pyrethyroid pesticides (u)
  • M, number of variables in category; Meff, effective number of variables after taking into account correlation; Mdiff, difference between M and Meff; p value, indicative correlation-adjusted Bonferroni p value threshold (0.05/Meff).

  • *Denotes quantitative assessment of physical activity (VO2Max) was also measured.

  • s, serum; sr, self-report; u, urine.