Table 2

Summary of included papers

AuthorsYearAimCountryAge of subjectsNumber of subjectsOutcome and length of follow-upMethod of measuring outcomeType of interventionReported changes in fruit and vegetable consumption
Burrows et al.262008To describe dietary intakes and food behaviour changes of overweight and obese children participating in the Hunter Illawarra Kids Challenge Using Parent Supports (HIKCUPS) study and describe the impact of a best practice dietary modification programmeAustralia5–9 years45 and 57Daily serving of fruit and vegetables, 12 monthsParent reportA parent-centred family lifestyle and dietary modification programme, a child-centred physical activity skill development programme and a combined dietary modification programme and physical activity skill development programmePraise
daily servings of fruit; baseline 2.3,
6 months 3.0,
12 months 2.0vegetables: baseline 5.3,
6 months 5.5,
12 months 5.1
daily servings:
fruit: baseline 2.2,
6 months 2.2,
12 months 2.2
vegetables: baseline 4.7,
6 months 5.0,
12 months 4.6
Golley et al.272011To describe the impact of a parent-led, family-focused child weight management programme on the food intake and activity patterns of prepubertal overweight or obese childrenAustralia6–9 years38Daily serving of fruit and vegetables, 12 monthsParent reportGeneral parenting programme with lifestyle education sessions and supervised structured activity sessions for the childrenDaily servings consumed:
fruit: baseline 2.0,
6 months 2.1,
12 months 2.3
vegetables: baseline 1.7,
6 months 2.0,
12 months 2.0
Raynor et al.282011Examination of the efficacy of the 1997 paediatric obesity treatment recommendations for primary care with two separate randomised trials in overweight and obese children aged 4–9USA4–9 years26 and 26Daily serving of fruit and vegetables, 12 monthsChild self-report and parent reportA focus on increasing child growth monitoring and providing feedback to families and a behavioural parent only intervention that focused on different dietary changesIncrease
daily servings of
fruit and vegetables consumed:
baseline 2.1,
6 months 3.3,
12 months 3.1
daily servings of fruit and vegetables: baseline 1.9,
6 months 2.3,
12 months 2.4
Van Horn et al.292005To compare children's self-selected eating patterns and approaches to achieving adherence to the DISC fat-reduced diet intervention with children in the usual care groupUSA8–10 years306Daily serving of fruit and vegetables and energy and fat from fruit and vegetables as a % of total intake, 3 yearsChild self-report and parent reportReducing dietary total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol while increasing fibre, fruits and vegetables using nutrition education and food labelling led by nutritionists and behaviourists attended by parents and childrenDaily servings consumed:
fruit: baseline 1.5,
3 years 1.4
vegetables: baseline 1.1,
3 years 1.1
Wright et al.302012To evaluate the effectiveness of the Kids Nutrition and Fitness intervention in predominantly Mexican-American overweight childrenUSA8–12 years91 followed up at 12 months in Kids Nutrition and Fitness armChange in intake of fruit and vegetables from baseline, 12 monthsChild self-reportA six-week, family centred, lifestyle after-school program implemented on school campus that provided weekly sessions on physical activity, nutrition education and a parental support groupDaily servings consumed:
fruit: baseline 1.4,
12 months 3.4
vegetables: baseline 1.5,
12 months 3.0
  • DISC, Dietary Intervention Study in Children.