Table 1

Service rates to pseudo-drunk actors in venues with and without markers of poorly managed and problematic (PMP) bars

PMP markers*nPer cent servedχ2p Value
Low seating
Cheap drink promotions
Young bar staff
Young customers
Noisy bar
Crowded bar
Poor lighting
Rowdy bar
Dirty bar
Drunk customers
Number of PMP markers
 1 or 22680.8
 3 or 41090.0
  • *PMP, poorly managed and problematic bars: Low seating, <50% venue floor area with seating; young bar staff, >50% appear <age 25; young customers, most appear <age 25; noisy bar, crowded bar, poor lighting, dirty bar, rowdy bar, drunk customers, ratings of five or above on scales of 0 to 9 grading the presence of the marker (eg, noisy bar; 0=very quiet/easy to talk, 9=hurts ears/cannot talk).17