Table 4

Prevalence of in-migration into intervention LSOAs since key times in the Well London programme and prevalence of self-report intervention participation excluding in-migrants

Per cent of survey respondents who had arrived in the LSOA since the intervention event (in row headings) (95% CI)Participation rate if in-migrants are excluded (95% CI) (adjusted for clustering)
In-migrant to LSOA since:
Well London started39.8% (35.1 to 44.4)3.5%(1.7 to 5.3)
 Final year of Well London17.6% (14.1 to 20.8)3.3% (1.9 to 4.8)
Well London ended5.8% (3.6 to 8.1)3.3% (1.8 to 4.8)
Total participation rate (all survey respondents)3.1% (1.6 to 4.6)
  • LSOA, lower-super-output-area.