Table 1

Summary of project content and delivery

Project titleProject descriptionDelivery leadExample capacity/duration
Heart of the community projects
 CADBEConsultation, assessment, design, brokerage, enterprise—includes community cafe needs assessments and appreciative inquiry workshops for design of suite of intervention projects that comprised the initial community engagement activitiesUniversity of East LondonOpen to whole community. Ongoing from the project initiation.
Community cafes (start of year 1 and year 2)
 Training CommunitiesTraining on a variety of topics to support delivery of the other Well London projects by residents in the LSOAs, for example, facilitation, community engagementSouth London and Maudsley NHS Mental Health TrustOngoing, individual opportunities on application
Well London Delivery TeamsTraining for local volunteers in each LSOA to act in a similar role to NHS Health
Trainers—to support people to develop healthier lifestyles through signposting to increase uptake of local services and peer support; the delivery team also act as advocates in interactions with local service providers
London Sustainability Exchange & Central YMCAOngoing, individual opportunities on application UnityEngaging young people to be actively involved in decision making in their local community and in transforming the community to improve health and well-being—youth ambassadors were recruited and trained in each LSOACentral YMCAOngoing from project initiation, a few individuals in each neighbourhood selected
 WellnetWell London learning network for communities and professionals in London to share practice ideas and experience of delivering community-led interventions for improving health and well-being—it is not limited to delivery partners or areas involved in Well LondonLondon Sustainability ExchangeOngoing from project initiation
 Active Living MapsMaps of facilities and opportunities for healthy activities/lifestyle, for example, maps show sports facilities, parks, allotments—made for each LSOA and delivered in paper format to all residentsGroundwork LondonDelivered to all homes
Themed projects
 EatwellHealthy cooking classes (cook and eat) and community feasts to provide engaging education about healthy eating and good nutritionLondon Sustainability ExchangeSmall groups (∼10 people), repeated delivery in each 3-month period
 BuywellWorking with local retail outlets and with local community members to improve access to affordable healthy food that is sustainably producedLondon Sustainability ExchangeOngoing from project initiation
 Activate LondonRange of activities for both young people and adults to engage in physical activity; this involves one or more of signposting to existing local facilities and activities, capacity building by providing training to residents to run physical activity sessions in the LSOA, or direct delivery of, for example, taster sessions and courses and joint initiatives with residents and other providersCentral YMCAVariable format (small group exercises, football tournaments, existing provision) and according to need. Some provision in every 3-month period
 Be Creative, Be WellArts activities are used to engage residents in the LSOAs in a process of change to improve, health, well-being, community cohesion and the environment; uses intercultural and intergenerational approachesArts Council EnglandVariable format (community sculptures, parades, small group activities). Activity throughout the programme
 Changing MindsRecruits and trains local residents who have direct experience of mental ill health to deliver awareness training in the LSOAs to reduce stigma and discriminationSouth London and Maudsley NHS
Mental Health Trust
Small group, high-intensity training (∼5 people per area), delivered once
 DIY HappinessUses humour, creativity and positive psychology approaches to increase psychological resilience; workshops of eight participants, targeted at womenSouth London and Maudsley NHS Mental Health TrustSmall groups (∼10 people)
 Healthy SpacesImprove physical environments through development of community gardens and allotments and redevelopment of greenspaces and greeneryGroundwork LondonProjects in all areas, variable format (community allotments, new gardens and changes to urban space)
 Mental Well-being Impact AssessmentLocal residents are trained to understand, assess and demonstrate the impact of projects, activities and organisations in the LSOA on mental well-beingSouth London and Maudsley NHS
Mental Health Trust
Small groups (∼10 people) trained and undertook assessment, two per neighbourhood
  • CADBE, Community Engagement, Assessment, Design, Brokerage, Enterprise; LSOA, Lower super output area.