Table 1

Health resources by countries and regions participating in the EU-WMH surveys

ResourceBelgiumFranceGermanyThe NetherlandsNorthern IrelandItalyPortugalSpainBulgariaRomania
GPs* (per 100 000)137.5160.9106.748.864.59444.76063.268.7
Psychiatrists† (per 100 000)182211.89119.84.73.694.1
Clinical psychologists† (per 100 000)32551.52893.
Psychiatric beds* (per 100 000)116.1104.9127.5153.987.813.867.553.670.981.8
Index of MHC provision175.2139.7189.7130.887.061.247.445.162.361.6
Total health expenditure*24412588273524552002210717151567947269
Private household OOP % total H exp.18.97.4211.825.329.0819.6625.8819.0643.3820.62
Gender Gap Index 2006‡0.710.650.750.720.730.640.690.730.690.68
  • *WHO Health for All Data (2001), except for Bulgaria (GP, Public Health Expenditure-2010 data) and Romania (GP-2006 data) OOP (2009), Data Northern-Ireland are UK based.

  • †WHO World Mental Health Atlas (2005).

  • ‡Index based on number of GPs, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and psychiatric beds.

  • §Gender Gap Index (World Economic Forum, 2006) the highest value the lowest gender gap.

  • GP, general practitioner; H exp., health expenditure; MHC, mental healthcare; OOP, out-of-pocket; WMH, World Mental Health.