Table 3

Age-standardised mortality rates (per 1000 person-years) for any cause by sex and educational group in north, central and south Italy, and SII

Age-standardised mortality rates* (per 1000 person-years)
TotalPrimaryLower secondaryUpper secondaryTertiarySII(95% CI)
 North9.711. to 8.2)
 Centre9.−0.9 to 5.7)
 South9.711. to 7.4)
 Italy9.610. to 6.4)
 North5.−1.7 to 1.9)
 Centre4.−1.4 to 3.6)
 South5. to 5.6)
 Italy5. to 3.3)
  • *The age distribution of the total population at baseline (men and women combined) was used as reference population.

  • SII, slope index of inequality.