Table 1

Household panel survey in Dori Burkina Faso

 Seen per year12141098
 Seen both years1069
Household characteristics
 Per capita annual income (CFA Francs)
  Median (25th; 75th centiles)174,115 (110,380;299,750)
 Proportion living in rural areas (%)88
 Distance to the closest health centre (%)
  d<5 km30.1
  5 km≤d<10 km24.5
  d≥10 km45.2
 Schooling of head (none)94.8
Children reported ill (recall=30 days)327 (22.4%)224 (17.1%)
Proportion of ill children with severe episode (%)29.426.8
Utilisation of a health centre during the episode (%)
 All episodes36.154.9
 Severe episodes only41.770.0
  • Description of the children sample.