Table 2

Total number of respondents and age-standardized percentage rates of self-reported personal disability in the respective welfare regimes stratified by low- middle- and high-educational attainment*

N% Disabled
Welfare State Regimes
 Social Democratic26618687916.18.76.8
Informal Security Regimes
 Liberal-Informal23 33638 373239714.68.46.3
 Productivist12 8279 22425599.35.84.5
 South Asia28 3478 973214620.011.912.8
Insecurity Regime
 Sub-Saharan Africa39 3978133187515.410.710.2
  • *Low educated: No formal schooling, less than primary school completed, less than secondary school completed.

  • Middle educated: Secondary school completed, high school (or equivalent) completed.

  • High educated: College, university completed, post graduate degree completed.