Table 3

Logistic regression results showing association of child, family and parent characteristics with high mental health competence

OR†95% CIOR95% CI
Child characteristics
 Gender0.570.39 to 0.840.600.39 to 0.91
 Proficient in English1.300.35 to 4.86
Parent education
 Mother completed high school2.051.38 to 3.051.571.01 to 2.44
 Father completed high school1.480.99 to to 2.01
 At least one parent completed high school2.021.22 to 3.341.620.94 to 2.81
Family resources
 Family hardship0.580.37 to 0.920.880.51 to 1.52
 Total yearly income before tax0.900.84 to 0.970.940.85 to 1.04
Family structure/stability
 Two-parent family1.180.68 to 2.06
 Mother is married1.190.75 to 1.87
 Child lives with two biological parents1.530.89 to 2.65
 Co-parenting scale1.120.79 to 1.58
 Hendrick relationship quality score1.060.78 to 1.44
Parent mental health
 Any stressful life events0.610.41 to 0.91
 Father's psychological distress score1.280.82 to 1.981.160.69 to 1.93
 Mother's psychological distress score1.871.28 to 2.731.801.15 to 2.81
 History of postnatal depression0.730.41 to 1.30
 Depression for 2 weeks in the past year0.840.55 to 1.28
 Depression in the past 2 years0.920.54 to 1.57
Mother's parenting style
 Warmth1.100.75 to 1.620.950.60 to 1.49
 Use of inductive reasoning1.190.86 to 1.651.280.88 to 1.87
 Consistent parenting1.521.10 to to 1.81
 Anger0.780.57 to to 1.69
 Observed to praise child1.160.71 to 1.911.100.59 to 2.02
  • Adjusted ORs are shown for covariates included in the logistic regression model.

  • *Adjusted for gender, parent education, family hardship, family structure, maternal mental health and parenting style.

  • †Associations which were significant at the α=0.05 level are shown in bold.