Table 2

Socioeconomic position of individuals included in analyses of inequalities in fat-mass and comparison with ALSPAC participants not included in analyses

Participants included in our analyses in fat-mass models, N=7642Non-included ALSPAC participants, N=4851p Value for comparison
Maternal education, N (%)
 Less than O-level1776 (23.2)1977 (40.8)<0.001
 O-level2694 (35.3)1636 (33.7)
 A-level1995 (26.1)808 (16.7)
 Degree1177 (15.4)430 (8.9)
  • Fat-mass was chosen for illustrative purposes only. It has a sample size in the middle of our range of sample sizes; N was greatest for analyses of height and smallest for analysis of blood-based measures. Patterns of differences were similar for each outcome analysis and excluded set. The p value is derived from a χ2 test.

  • ALSPAC, Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children.