Table 4

Relative risks of dying at ages 1−79 in 1991−2005 by place of birth, ethnic group, socioeconomic characteristics and area of residence, each adjusted only for age, sex and period of death, of Longitudinal Study members aged <65 in 1991

Rate ratio95% CIRate ratio95% CI
Place of birthSocioeconomic classification
 Born in the UK1 Higher managerial and professional1
 Born abroad0.91(0.87 to 0.95) Lower managerial and professional1.21(1.14 to 1.28)
 Intermediate1.40(1.32 to 1.48)
Ethnic group Lower1.75(1.65 to 1.86)
 White1 Routine2.15(2.02 to 2.28)
 Black Caribbean0.88(0.77 to 0.99) Other3.03(2.85 to 3.22)
 Black African1.05(0.81 to 1.35)
 Other Black0.79(0.50 to 1.24)Car ownership
 Indian0.91(0.83 to 1.00) 1+ cars1
 Pakistani0.96(0.84 to 1.10) No car1.93(1.88 to 1.98)
 Bangladeshi0.99(0.80 to 1.22)
 Chinese0.81(0.61 to 1.07)Housing tenure
 Other Asian0.65(0.49 to 0.87) Owner occupier1
 Other0.72(0.54 to 0.97) Tenant—social1.91(1.86 to 1.97)
 Tenant—private1.53(1.44 to 1.62)
Area of residence
 Inner London1.22(1.15 to 1.29)
 Outer London0.95(0.90 to 1.00)
 Other metropolitan1.20(1.17 to 1.24)
  • Source: Office for National Statistics Longitudinal Study.