TableĀ 1

Examples of medical databases used in research

Database, countryDatabase descriptionPopulation coveredExample publications
Medicaid, USAAdministrative database of medical insurerRecipients of social welfare11 reviewed in 2 12
Veteran Affairs Clinical Database, USAAdministrative database of medical insurer and providerUS veterans13 reviewed in 12
Kaiser Permanente (KP), USAAdministrative database of health maintenance organisationMembers of the KP health plan (largely representative of their communities)14 reviewed in 12 15
General Practice Research Database (GPRD); now -Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD), UKClinical database of general practitioners8% of the UK population (representative of the source population)16 reviewed in 2 12 15
Hospital Episode Statistics (HES), UKClinical database of hospitalsAll hospital admissions funded by the National Health Service in England17
Saskatchewan Health Services Database, CanadaAdministrative database of provincial health plan99% of the Saskatchewan population18 reviewed in 2 12
Clalit Health Services Database, IsraelAdministrative database of health maintenance organisation53% of Israel's population19
National Prescription Databases, Nordic countries (Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway)Pharmaceutical national databasesNationwide coverageReviewed and exemplified in2 20