Table 1

Frequency distribution of potential risk factors and crude and adjusted ORs of participation into the NINFEA cohort study

Potential risk factorsFrequency distribution (%)Effect on participation (3.1%)
PBRNINFEACrude ORAdjusted OR* 95% CI
Parity (1+)43.521.20.340.320.27 to 0.37
Maternal education (graduate) to 2.62
Smoking during pregnancy8.93.70.390.430.31 to 0.59
Alcohol during pregnancy21.527.41.391.321.15 to 1.51
Infertility treatment2. to 1.81
Folic acid intake80.385.81.501.341.13 to 1.60
Maternal age (>32 years)53.758.41.221.301.14 to 1.48
Previous miscarriages17.517. to 1.29
Low pregnancy weight gain (<10 kg)18.619. to 1.29
  • * Adjusted for all the other variables in the table.