TableĀ 4

HR with 95% CIs for the risk of hospitalisation for depressive disorders for persons when combining employment status, gender and immigrant status adjusted for age, education and marital status

Employment status, gender and immigrant status*HR (95% CI)
Employed male Swedish born1
Employed male foreign born1.31 (1.17 to 1.46)
Unemployed male Swedish born2.26 (2.12 to 2.42)
Unemployed male foreign born2.45 (2.13 to 2.82)
Employed female Swedish born1.50 (1.43 to 1.58)
Employed female foreign born2.14 (1.94 to 2.37)
Unemployed female Swedish born2.62 (2.45 to 2.80)
Unemployed female foreign born3.47 (3.02 to 3.98)
  • *Adjusted for age, education and marital status.